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80% of American Voters Think Their Country Is out of Control

As the United States enters its second week of nationwide protests following the murder of George Floyd while simultaneously approaching 2 million Coronavirus cases, Americans have little faith in the direction of their country.

In short: A June 2020 NBC News/Wall Street Survey reported that, among other fascinating findings, 80% of registered voters, including 78% of independents and 66% of Republicans felt “things in the country” were out of control.

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This American pessimism is coupled with concern over the economy and how long it will take the country to contain the spread of COVID-19. Importantly, 55% of voters claimed they were looking for a Presidential candidate and congress that would look for compromise and consensus.

Here are some of the statistics:

  • 59% of Americans were more concerned about police action and the death of George Floyd than about the protests turning violent at 27%.
  • 57% of respondents stated that the Government should do more to help meet the needs of people, while only 38% felt there should be less intervention.
  • 46% saw the current state of the economy as being poor. This is compared to only 17% in May 2019.
  • 54% of voters think that containing the Coronavirus in the US will take up to a year or more.
  • 43% approve of Donald Trump’s handling of the virus.

The Political Angle: With the November election less than 180 days away, more Americans are starting to thin how they may vote. According to the poll, President Trump’s approval rating stands at 45% with 53% disapproving of the job he is doing as President.

  • However, in a hypothetical election match-up, Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads voting intentions by a margin of 49% over 42% for Trump.

Head to head: While Trump is seen as the better choice to deal with the economy by a margin of 48% to 37%, Biden has a wide margin over Trump on the more divisive issues including:

  • Being competent and effective – 47% to 38%
  • Dealing with the Coronavirus – 48% to 37%
  • Dealing with issues of concern to women – 46% to 25%
  • Having the ability to bring the country together – 51% to 26%

The Bottom Line: Heading into an election year, Americans are concerned about the direction of their country from an economic, societal and public health standpoint. While Trump continues to tout his ability to bring the economy back, it seems voters are more interested in a candidate that can heal the divide through a calmer, more compromising approach

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