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George, Regis and Protesting Racial Injustice | Our Statement

A woman has lost her life. A man has lost his. They are not the first and they will likely not be the last. We mourn Regis and George and all those lost. 

The personal is political. One life lost is an immeasurable cost.

The deaths of Regis Korchinski-Paquet and George Floyd have taken on broader political implications, spurring mass social movement, protest, and general action in an attempt to raise awareness of systemic police violence on marginalized communities around the world.

Police action has often targeted and harmed marginalized groups – frequently racialized people – and it is eternally evident that citizens of all countries must stand up for the humanity of their fellows. Through their overreaches, police brutality, and abuse, the case for radical policing reform has been made by police forces themselves.

Many have responded with protest, and although some have condemned these actions, as Martin Luther King said: “a riot is the language of the unheard.”

Our site wants to play a helpful role in this conversation, but we think it is important that we ensure the voices amplified represent targeted and marginalized communities.

These events have been a reminder of the necessity of inclusivity in terms of the voices we put forward and the stories we tell.

It is our responsibility and our desire to platform voices that have been pushed to the margins. It is our responsibility and our desire to ensure that the voices we elevate are not those that already benefit from an elevated platform. We have a commitment to ensuring that we do not reduce issues like state-violence against racialized communities to an intellectual exercise and that our writers understand how deeply personal these issues are.

The personal is political and we want voices who can speak to that.

Rest in peace, Regina. Rest in peace, George. Rest in peace, to all those who rest.



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