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This Week in Nouvelle | June 14th – 21st

Hope your week has been good! It’s been a busy one for us. The world has continued to change and we’re doing our best to keep you informed.

This first Nouvelle review will be a 2.5 minute read taking you through the highlights of what was on Nouvelle this week and this week’s top stories.

Marshall McLuhan understanding our news cycle way back in ’67.
Source: The Medium is the Massage.

A CANZUK Trade Deal Favours Nostalgia Over Potential

In short:

  • A proposed diplomatic union between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (CANZUK) has been advocated for by Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole.
  • The proposal has its benefits but is curiously restrictive about who it lets join the free-trade area.
  • Our contributor says that it is worth considering who else might be included for broader economic diversity.

Banned in War Permitted Against Protestors – Let’s Ban Tear Gas in Canada  | Op-Ed

In short:

  • Recent protests around the world have seen heavy police-use of tear gas.
  • Tear gas is banned in war, yet used against protesters.
  • Our contributor advocates for its banning in Canada and removal from police forces.

Canada Loses Race for Security Council Seat

In short:

  • A four-year campaign for a seat on the Security Council has ended unsuccessfully in failure for Canada.
  • Canada’s lack of peacekeeping forces and lack of spending on development assistance are considered possible reasons for this outcome.
  • This will potentially lead to increased scrutiny of Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy.

Canada’s Continued Complicity in the Yemen Crisis

In short:

  • Canada’s renegotiated deal to sell billions of dollars of arms to Saudi Arabia has led to questions of complicity in the Yemen conflict and humanitarian crisis.
  • COVID-19 threatens to decimate a Yemeni population already ravaged by a Saudi-led coalition.
  • In the same year it pledged $40 million in aid, Canada earned CAD $3 billion in revenues from weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, the leader of the intervention coalition in Yemen responsible for human rights abuses.

Checkmate: What a Game of Chess Can Reveal About the Pandemic  | Op-Ed

In short:

  • Our decision making is fraught with biases like continuation bias and normalcy bias.
  • Our contributor explains why our leaders are not immune to this and why it has had implications for state responses to COVID.

Democracy’s Inner Conflict: Post-Truth  | Op-Ed

In short:

  • Public misinformation has become a serious problem for democracies and its citizens.
  • Our contributor argues that to solve this, we need to use the legal tools available to ensure strong standards of public information as well as a free and informed discussion.

Insights for Canada: George Floyd and the Anti-Racism Revolution | Op-Ed

In short:

  • Since the murder of George Floyd on May 25th, protests against state-sanctioned violence, police brutality and anti-Black racism have taken place in over 58 countries and counting.
  • Canadians in every major city in the country have taken to the streets in protest.
  • Our contributor argues this is no longer a period of civil disobedience, but one of revolution.

Inside Alberta’s Controversial Critical Infrastructure Defence Act

In short:

  • Alberta passed Bill 1,
  • Permitting warrant-less arrest of anyone present at locations defined as essential infrastructure.
  • Concerns have been raised by Indigenous, environmental and labour activists.

The Forgotten Frontier: Canada and the Arctic

In short:

  • Military and economic mobilization has been taking place in the Arctic.
  • This mobilization is often done with disregard for Indigenous populations.
  • Nations like China, Russia, and the United States are all attempting to develop some type of control in the High North.
  • Canadians cannot overlook the relevance of these actions to them.

Keep an eye out this week, as always, we’ll be doing our best to show you the important stories.

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