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This Week in Nouvelle | June 6th – 12th

Welcome back to our review of this week’s top stories!

This 1.5-minute read provides the takeaways from the pieces you missed on Nouvelle this week.

This week, we will also be updating you on some site developments.

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We’ll be:

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We will be posting more frequently in upcoming weeks though, so do not worry.


The Growing Threat of Far-Right Terrorism in Canada
Mattias Thuns

  • Far-right terrorism represents a growing threat to safety and security in Canada.
  • A growing number of attacks are being linked to far-right ideologies,
  • Some progress countering far-right terrorism has been made, but this growing threat raises serious questions about how Canada can deal with such a destabilizing and rapidly-evolving phenomenon.

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Putin Until 2036? The Story Doesn’t End There…
Patrick Langstaff

  • A Russian Constitutional Amendment restructuring and removing term-limits, among other things, passed with 78% of votes.
  • Other things included in the amendment were: banning same-sex marriage, formalizing the Russian language as “the “language of state-forming people”, and cementing territorial integrity in response to global pressure over Crimea.
  • The amendment bolsters the power of the elected legislature, however, this body has historically supported President Vladimir Putin.

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Canada Has a Tax Haven Problem & Nothing Is Happening About It
David Simon

  •  A 2019 study by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) found that in 2016 alone, $996 billion dollars was held by Canadian corporations in offshore destinations, including tax havens.
  • That’s revenue that could be used to increase funding for healthcare, education, or any number of important social programs
  • Lack of reform on Tax Havens might be explained by the unacceptable number of prominent politicians found abusing them.
  • Despite the great social benefit Canada could reap from taxing money hidden offshore, especially during a time when the pandemic has hugely increased our spending, it seems unlikely that things are going to change.

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Just How Systemic Is Anti-Black Racism in Canada: Part 2 – Show Your Work
Allison Lunianga

  • Journalists, activists, and other public-communicators often fail to connect the individual to the systemic.
  • Systemic Issues Defined: Issues that occur due to problems inherent in the overall system, rather than an issue based on a specific or isolated problem.
  • The disproportionate rate of deaths of Black Canadians at the hands of Canadian police further argues for the consistent lack of care for Black bodies in Canada.
  • Systemic anti-Black racism cannot be blamed on – or explained by – a single event.

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