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Posts published by “Tristan Oliff”

Tristan is a co-founder of Nouvelle and frequent contributor. With roots in South Africa, Kenya and Canada he has been based in Ottawa since 2015 where he attended Carleton University for Politics and African Studies.

Nova Scotia Liberals Seek New Premier – Here’s Why It Should Be Kelly Regan | Op-Ed

There are many qualified candidates to run in the upcoming contest that will choose not only a new Liberal leader for Nova Scotia, but also a new premier. Kelly Regan, MLA for Bedford, is best poised to unite the province in a time of a global pandemic, a feminist reckoning, and an uncertain economic future.

Diminishing Access to Abortion in New Brunswick Should Have Canadians Concerned

The evidence of a sustained campaign against abortion rights is all too clear to anyone following New Brunswick’s politics. Clinic 554 is being forced to close due to lack of government reimbursement and the declining number of hospitals willing to perform the procedure means that abortions are increasingly out of the grasp of those seeking it.