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Posts published in “Op-Ed”

Nouvelle’s op-ed section is dedicated to bringing thoughtful insights on topics which are defining today. Our opinion section is crafted by readers just like you who can provide unique perspectives on important stories based on their expertise.

The Environment and the Conservative Party Must Go Hand-In-Hand | Op-Ed

The Conservative leadership debates last week had a gaping hole – and no, it wasn’t the quality of French – but a clear plan on environmental issues. The candidates missed an opportunity to outline an actual plan that could do things like address rising emissions, preserve Canada’s beautiful land, and clean up our waterways.

Voting Does Not Provide Absolution | Op-Ed

When social movements and protests begin to gain traction and attention in popular media, some of the more moderate among us may denounce protests in favour of voting for change. With many folks turning to social media to express their support or opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement and recent protests, the sufficiency of voting is a necessary conversation.