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Posts published in “Social-Justice”

Discussing relationships between the individual and society to bring equality and peace. In Social-Justice, Nouvelle brings a dialogue on opportunities for greater social mobility, economic justice and regulations on personal activity.

Lack of Canadian Prison Reform Highlighted By Failure to Replace Solitary Confinement | Op-Ed

Prison reform is direly needed in Canada, yet little progress is being made. In a latest sign of failure on the issue, lack of cooperation from Correctional Services Canada has scuttled a committee created to oversee the end of solitary confinement.

Diminishing Access to Abortion in New Brunswick Should Have Canadians Concerned

The evidence of a sustained campaign against abortion rights is all too clear to anyone following New Brunswick’s politics. Clinic 554 is being forced to close due to lack of government reimbursement and the declining number of hospitals willing to perform the procedure means that abortions are increasingly out of the grasp of those seeking it.