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Posts published in “Social-Justice”

Discussing relationships between the individual and society to bring equality and peace. In Social-Justice, Nouvelle brings a dialogue on opportunities for greater social mobility, economic justice and regulations on personal activity.

Privacy & Surveillance During the Recent Black Lives Matter Protests

Technology has become ubiquitous in modern life, especially for young people. Yet the recent Black Lives Matter protests have exposed just how extensive surveillance technology truly is, and how it is being misused by police and the private sector in ways that endanger people’s rights to privacy and protest.

Voting Does Not Provide Absolution | Op-Ed

When social movements and protests begin to gain traction and attention in popular media, some of the more moderate among us may denounce protests in favour of voting for change. With many folks turning to social media to express their support or opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement and recent protests, the sufficiency of voting is a necessary conversation.