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Posts published in “World News”

Every day, millions of consequential events take place around the world, many of which have implications for Canadians. Nouvelle’s World News section analyzes foreign news to provide news briefers and deep dives on stories that matter.

Privacy & Surveillance During the Recent Black Lives Matter Protests

Technology has become ubiquitous in modern life, especially for young people. Yet the recent Black Lives Matter protests have exposed just how extensive surveillance technology truly is, and how it is being misused by police and the private sector in ways that endanger people’s rights to privacy and protest.

The Global Magnitsky Act: How Legislatures Can Prevent Atrocity

Sanctions are often a blunt tool which end up impacting the citizenry of the targeted state, rather than the elites they purportedly aim to target. The Magnitsky act aims to target individual actors with economic penalties, in an attempt to circumvent state sovereignty. This act may serve as a model for the enforcement of human rights.