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Foucault & COVID-19: How Discipline Is Necessary to Create Order in Times of Disorder

Foucault’s ideas of discipline, punishment and surveillance reveal how society is returning to a sense of order during COVID-19

Instead of Ignoring Racism in Classic Films, Learn From It | Op-Ed

To ignore racism in classic films is to ignore prevailing opinions and cultural themes of the time. Instead, we can learn from them.

The Systematic Exclusion of First Nations People from Federal Welfare

The Canadian tax system has historically disincentivized First Nations People from filling taxes. This has led to their systematic exclusion from Federal welfare benefits. This exclusion can only be remedied through divorcing the welfare state from the tax system. The response to COVID-19 gives us clues on how to radically transform this racist system.

The “New Normal” of Canadian Travel Should Include High-Speed Rail

Over the coming months, policymakers will have to consider how to support precarious industries to stimulate Canada’s economic recovery. High-speed rail offers affordable, rapid, and sustainable transportation to help boost the tourism and hospitality sector.