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The University of Toronto is Harming its Students through Institutional Neglect and Psychological Violence | Op-Ed

The following article features numerous student testimonies who have experienced institutional neglect and structural violence at the University of Toronto.

The #EndSARS Movement And Police Brutality In Nigeria | Explained

Nigeria's patience for the overzealous SARS police unit has reached a breaking point as thousands have taken to the streets in protest. Yet peaceful demonstrations have been met by police violence and murder as Nigeria is launched into civil unrest.

“Your Vote Is Your Voice” | A Conversation with 3 Young BC Candidates

Elections under COVID-19 are an opportunity to see what role youth can play moving forwards. With a reliance on the digital world growing, fresh perspectives are necessary more than ever.

Proper End-of-Life Care: Why Is It Important and What Has Changed With COVID-19?

Dale Weil, executive director of the Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence in Montreal, the largest freestanding palliative care facility in Canada, talks about its approach to guarantee proper end-of-life care during a pandemic.

The Ongoing Genocide of Indigenous Peoples in Canada Through Healthcare | Op-Ed

Through its structural and attitudinal manifestations, medical racism continues to perpetuate state violence against hundreds of thousands of Indigenous peoples in Canada.