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Nouvelle News

“Your Vote Is Your Voice” | A Conversation with 3 Young BC Candidates

Elections under COVID-19 are an opportunity to see what role youth can play moving forwards. With a reliance on the digital world growing, fresh perspectives are necessary more than ever.

Proper End-of-Life Care: Why Is It Important and What Has Changed With COVID-19?

Dale Weil, executive director of the Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence in Montreal, the largest freestanding palliative care facility in Canada, talks about its approach to guarantee proper end-of-life care during a pandemic.

The Ongoing Genocide of Indigenous Peoples in Canada Through Healthcare | Op-Ed

Through its structural and attitudinal manifestations, medical racism continues to perpetuate state violence against hundreds of thousands of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Canada Suspends Turkey Arms-Trade As NATO Member Facilitates Conflict

Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan may increase intra-NATO tensions as Turkish and NATO interests diverge and conflict.

The Patterns of Systemic Racism in Canada

Recent incidents of systemic racism seem to point to a troubling pattern of discrimination in multiple institutions of the country including healthcare, education, and employment amongst others.