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This Week in Canadian Polls

The Liberal government continues to consolidate "COVID-time" approval bump, Ford and Legault lose some of their shine in the face of COVID-19 Long Term Care failures. This while opinions of Canada's top trading partners trending to all-time lows and rising concerns over the economy.

Unpacking the Full Story of Canada’s COVID-19 Related Job Losses

April unemployment numbers show only 1.3% of high-wage earners lost their jobs while 30% of low-income workers lost theirs. This means that those already facing economic insecurity were hardest hit by the crisis.

Quebec Looking to Ease Restrictions on Senior Care Homes

On May 5th Quebec announced measures to ease restrictions on Senior care homes. This came despite the fact that the province and it’s senior care homes have been devastated by…

Foodora Is Skipping Town: Union Busting or Bankrupt?

Food delivery company Foodora is leaving Canada blaming low profit margins despite their parent company reporting historic growth. This comes amid a courier-led movement to unionize.

Doug Ford’s COVID-19 Plan for Ontario

Ontario's Premier Doug Ford has outlined a plan for reopening Ontario in an attempt to reconcile public health and economic interests.