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Nouvelle News

The Patterns of Systemic Racism in Canada

Recent incidents of systemic racism seem to point to a troubling pattern of discrimination in multiple institutions of the country including healthcare, education, and employment amongst others.

CoronaCinema | Insights from Outside the Theater at TIFF 2020

2020's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) managed to deliver a rich experience for film goers - and may be foreshadowing for the future of the film industry.

CERB Increase and National Sick Leave for Workers as NDP and Liberals Reach Agreement

The threat of an election has been avoided as the House of Commons unanimously voted in favour of a confidence vote - increasing CERB and introducing a temporary national sick leave program for workers.

Montreal, Quebec City and Chaudière-Appalaches Regions in Level 4-Maximum Alert After Cases Surge

A concerning uptick in COVID-19 cases in Quebec has led to the imposition of stricter measures. The Premier urges Quebecers to follow them.

Migrants On Greek Islands Ignored by EU as Moria Camp Burns Down

Since the start of the European Migrant Crisis in 2013, asylum seekers have been confined to camps in the Greek Islands. Now, as they face COVID-19, overpopulation and mass fires, the EU is failing to protect their rights.