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Trudeau & the WE Charity | Anatomy of a Scandal

Over ten days, a $900-million contract between the government and WE Canada went from being announced, defended, then cancelled and is now under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner.

Democracy No More: Understanding the Implications of China’s New National Security Law on Hong Kong

China's new national security law brings to an end any semblance of Hong Kong autonomy from the mainland by bringing potential life in prison sentences for any seditious activity.

Foucault & COVID-19: How Discipline Is Necessary to Create Order in Times of Disorder

Foucault’s ideas of discipline, punishment and surveillance reveal how society is returning to a sense of order during COVID-19

Instead of Ignoring Racism in Classic Films, Learn From It | Op-Ed

To ignore racism in classic films is to ignore prevailing opinions and cultural themes of the time. Instead, we can learn from them.