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Nouvelle News

COVID-19 Renews Calls for Universal Broadband in Canada

Broadband internet has been called a human right by the UN. The Canadian government's role in addressing unequal access remains uncertain.

The Toppling of Montreal’s MacDonald Statue: A Long Time Coming? Canada’s Reaction

Protestors have taken action into their own hands by tearing down a John A Macdonald statue, politicians have replied. What will happen next?

1492 Land Back Lane Standoff | Land Defenders v. Corporate Developers

1492 Land Back Lane: another example of courts prioritizing economic development over land rights, systemically disadvantaging Indigenous nations.

The Little Province That Could | How PEI Set the Bar for the Canadian COVID-19 Response

Facing many initial challenges, Prince Edward Islands's response to the Coronavirus has, over the past six months, set a shining example for the rest of Canada.

Canadian-Saudi Arms Trade Ongoing Amidst Alleged Human Rights Abuses

Despite accusations of human rights violations, Canada continues to export hundreds of millions of dollars worth of armoured vehicles to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.