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This Week in Canadian Polls – 26th April 2020

Canadians show continued faith in the Liberal government' handling of the COVID-19 crisis at the expense of a support-losing Conservatives while New Democrats struggle to gain publicity for their work as the de-facto opposition.

COVID-19 – Dress Rehearsal for Climate Change? | Op-Ed

COVID-19 presents a unique insight into potential states responses to uncertainty and future existential threats. We ask, is COVID-19 a dress rehearsal for climate change?

How the Coronavirus Will Impact Our Fight Against Climate Change?

Many of the disruptions which are occurring as a result of the coronavirus could have a positive effect on reducing our global emissions and initiating more sustainable habits and life changes. Here are the 5 examples we will look at:

Trumps Defunding of the WHO Is Part of a Dangerous Pattern

President Trump's de-funding of the WHO is in line with his administration's dangerous pattern of undermining and cutting help to multilateral organizations for American gain, scapegoating and increasing military spending.