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COVID-19 – Dress Rehearsal for Climate Change? | Op-Ed

COVID-19 presents a unique insight into potential states responses to uncertainty and future existential threats. We ask, is COVID-19 a dress rehearsal for climate change?

How the Coronavirus Will Impact Our Fight Against Climate Change?

Many of the disruptions which are occurring as a result of the coronavirus could have a positive effect on reducing our global emissions and initiating more sustainable habits and life changes. Here are the 5 examples we will look at:

Trumps Defunding of the WHO Is Part of a Dangerous Pattern

President Trump's de-funding of the WHO is in line with his administration's dangerous pattern of undermining and cutting help to multilateral organizations for American gain, scapegoating and increasing military spending.

Canada’s Historical Negligence of Long Term Care Homes Looms over COVID-19 Tragedy | Op-Ed

Despite early warnings, Canada has failed to protect its long term care homes and the drastic consequences are starting to show. How did it happen and was it preventable? Even…