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Nouvelle News

Solving America’s Fake News Problem: Part 1 – A Fragmented Fourth Estate | Op-Ed

Sensationalist, 24-hour-a-day news programming has compromised the idea of a fair and objective press in America. What does this suggest for the future of democratic societies?

The Challenges of Learning & Teaching an Indigenous Language in 2020

A new approach to language learning is necessary for Indigenous language revitalization - and survival. Otherwise communities could be at risk of losing an integral part of their culture and identity.

Plastic Free July: A Movement For All?

As 250 million people participate in Plastic Free July around the world, lets talk about how we can break down the barriers to accessibility within the crucial zero waste movement.

BLM Is a Response to the State Breaking Its Social Contract Says Trevor Noah | Op-Ed

Social contract theory focuses on our social obligations to each other. Trevor Noah wonders: if these obligations are not upheld by the state, what does this mean for society and the citizens within?

Twitter Hacking Highlights Deeper Vulnerabilities Than Just Bitcoin Scams | Op-Ed

The recent and very public hacking of Twitter’s internal systems has exposed a hard truth: the infrastructure underpinning the Internet and cyberspace is incredibly vulnerable to attacks that have significant real-world implications.