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Got something important to say? 
We want to help you share it! 

Nouvelle’s core mission is to provide a legitimate platform for youth perspectives to gain a wider audience. 

  • We believe traditional media excludes younger perspectives, so we want to give voices like yours an opportunity to get involved.
  • Stories have the power to transform lives and perspective matters.

Pitch us your story – We’ll help you publish it!

How to Pitch:

Send an email to with your pitch. Include the word “pitch” in the email subject line & “time-sensitive” if necessary.


A pitch should include the following elements: 

  • One or two paragraphs outlining the thesis and expected takeaways of your story.
  • A bullet-point outline of some, or all, of the following:
    • The political/socio-economic or cultural context of your story,
    • Why your proposed piece is important,
    • Existing research you will be drawing from.
  • Tell us which category you expect your piece to fit into – Canada, World, Environment, Op-Ed, COVID-19, Social Justice and Culture.

We will get back to you within 2-4 days to offer feedback and provide you with our creative style guide to help you write your story.

What Makes a Good Pitch?

A good pitch is concise, punchy, and talks about a topic which you care about and can provide unique insight on. 

  • If you care about a topic, it’s likely other people do!
  • Think about perspectives which are being ignored by the mainstream.
  • We want stories on issues which you believe young people should be better informed on. 

Topics to Talk About

There are some topics that we think deserve more coverage, read below to see if there is anything specific you are knowledgeable and would like to talk about.

  • These topics are not a comprehensive list, don’t hesitate to reach out about anything that isn’t listed.

The Ever-More Polluted Horizon

The action and inaction of corporations, governments, and institutions across the world have dug a deep hole for future generations. They then strip-mined that hole and took all the oil from it.

How will we proceed? Where are centres of resistance and innovation in the climate sector? How should we understand this vast and often incomprehensible existential crisis? Should we have hope? Should we despair? What do you think? 

The Shift

Labor, gender, sexual, economic, racial, ethnic, and social relations are constantly shifting and transforming. We want to know what you think we should be paying attention to. Change is inherent to our world. Events like COVID-19 have created a context which many believe provides radical opportunity to remake society.

As calls to return to normal echo throughout the world, we must ask what is normal? Do we really want to return to it? Speculative pieces analyzing future trends and how we might engage with our societies shifting nature is compelling and we’d love to hear more.

The Forgotten Story

COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines, but not necessarily everyday reality. We wonder what stories are being overlooked? What remains important but has been relegated to the margins of mainstream news coverage? What is SO important – but people are just not discussing?  


It is undeniable that COVID-19 has dramatically shaped life for many. Crisis often facilitates change and we want to know how people are being impacted. Understanding personal experiences, social trends, and the broad impacts of this pandemic on you, those around you, and societies around the world remains relevant and we’d love to hear your take. 


Sleeping with an elephant? An inflammable house far from flammable materials? What is Canada? Who really gets to determine the destiny of Turtle Island? Canada has long-suffered from an identity crisis. Or it hasn’t – depends on who you ask.

What do you see as the defining traits of this country and what are the trends we need to keep an eye out for to build the society we need? 

Popular Movements

How are people expressing themselves? How is power being manifested in society through organizing or direct-action? Understanding the conversations that are being had by societies and how that is manifesting in change (or not) is incredibly important to raising consciousness. 

Interlinked International

The global is local. The local is global. The same things that make us argue with our neighbours cause wars between princes. Stories from across the globe can inform us about our context through comparison, but also allow us to see the world as complex but interconnected system. What we might know about and do in response is incredibly important to all global citizens.

Institutional Inner-Workings

Institutions govern – literally and figuratively – much of everyday life. From their role in determining laws to their impact on socializing norms, institutions play an integral – yet, often confusing role for people everywhere. Want to explain why your institution of choice is doing well or poorly? Please do! 

Types of Articles

We are focusing on 3 types of articles: the stories we report on is further separated into three distinct types of articles which help to keep our readers aware of day to day events and well informed.

  • News Briefs: short articles which report on and briefly explain the most important stories of the day by outlining the facts and why they matter. 
  • Deep Dives: well-researched reports which contextualise and expand on issues dominating the headlines to help the reader better understand the big picture.
  • Op-Eds: long-form think pieces which provide compelling opinions on how to think about past, present and future ideas which are defining our society, culture and politics.


We are developing an newsletter and are building a team who can help contribute to it. 

Pitch us a story you think should be added – it can be from another publication – or on how you might play a role!

To learn more, go to our newsletter page for more info.