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Posts tagged as “anti-black racism”

Just How Systemic Is Anti-Black Racism in Canada: Part 3: Penetrate the System, Right? Maybe Not.

There is a historical trajectory of devaluing Black people's health, safety, and environments. Past installments in this series have looked at examples ranging from Africville to Herongate to trace the continuity of this process. Ultimately, although some advocate for Black folks to join and change the system from within, without the system being open to change, this will not be enough.

Just How Systemic Is Anti-Black Racism in Canada? Part 1: Africville

The story of systemic Anti-Black Racism in Canada did not begin 5, 10, or even 50 years ago. It began over 100 years ago in Bedford, a community in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Here, Black people once unified in a home they called Africville. Africville was the first region in Canada that was once owned by a large population of African-Canadians, and perhaps the last....