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About Us

Nouvelle is an independent media organization seeking to make important news stories more accessible and consumable for young Canadians.

The current media environment has alienated modern online news consumers. 

  • Important stories that deserve to be read are hidden behind paywalls which many youth cannot afford – leading the leaders of tomorrow forward under-informed.
  • News sites looking to soak up every ad-dollar mislead readers with clickbaity titles and subject them to unnecessarily long articles to maximise ad-banner space.
  • Media concentration and a for-profit media monopoly has transformed the national journalism many young Canadians rely on into biased political messaging.

We want to help fix it by amplifying the stories that matter.

Our commitment is not to a political ideology, but to a generation of young Canadians who deserve to have a news outlet that is targeted towards them and seeks to inform & inspire rather than mislead. 

Our Goal

To deliver a quality news experience that makes it easy for our readers to learn about and understand the most important stories of the day.

Nouvelle’s modern news consumption experience has been tailored to our readers by developing a unique editorial style which makes our articles easier and faster to navigate.

  • Topic Sensitive: our generation faces an over-saturation of news content – much of which is misleading, un-important and sensationalized for views.
    • We counter this by only reporting on stories that matter in 7 unique topical categories that we believe are a prerequisite for healthy news consumption diet.    
  • Time Conscious: time in the day is limited – 75% of readers do not finish an average news article, so Nouvelle makes sure that by the end of the first two paragraphs of our articles, our reader understands the story in short and why it’s important, then choose whether to learn more.
  • 3 types of articles: the stories we report on is further separated into three distinct types of articles which help to keep our readers aware of day to day events and well informed.
    • News Briefsshort articles which report on and briefly explain the most important stories of the day by outlining the facts and why they matter. 
    • Deep Diveswell-researched reports which contextualise and expand on issues dominating the headlines to help the reader better understand the big picture.
    • Op-Edslong-form think pieces which provide compelling opinions on how to think about past, present and future ideas which are defining our society, culture and politics.
The bottom line: We are an independent project run and founded by young Canadians who, likely like you, seek to foster a more inclusive, less partisan, more environmentally friendly and truth focused future.
If you have suggestions for our organization or stories which should be heard, we would love to collaborate – email us at