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Why Canada’s Supreme Court Appointments Are Less Politicized Than the USA’s

The death and subsequent rush to fill the seat of United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has shone a light on the politicization of America's highest court. So why is this not the same in Canada and how does our nomination process differ?


What Are Mi’kmaq Fishers Fighting for in Nova Scotia?

Mi'kmaw fishers are being blocked and harassed by commercial fishers, with government officials failing to uphold treaty rights.

Proper End-of-Life Care: Why Is It Important and What Has Changed With COVID-19?

Dale Weil, executive director of the Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence in Montreal, the largest freestanding palliative care facility in Canada, talks about its approach to guarantee proper end-of-life care during a pandemic.

The Ongoing Genocide of Indigenous Peoples in Canada Through Healthcare | Op-Ed

Through its structural and attitudinal manifestations, medical racism continues to perpetuate state violence against hundreds of thousands of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Canada Suspends Turkey Arms-Trade As NATO Member Facilitates Conflict

Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan may increase intra-NATO tensions as Turkish and NATO interests diverge and conflict.

The Patterns of Systemic Racism in Canada

Recent incidents of systemic racism seem to point to a troubling pattern of discrimination in multiple institutions of the country including healthcare, education, and employment amongst others.

CoronaCinema | Insights from Outside the Theater at TIFF 2020

2020's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) managed to deliver a rich experience for film goers - and may be foreshadowing for the future of the film industry.