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Nouvelle News

Québec Referendum: Is it still “money and the ethnic vote” 25 years later? | Op-Ed

Multiculturalism and intercultural exchange in a Quebecoise context reflect a Quebec within Canada, yet fiercely independent.

The Gentrification of Toronto’s Flemingdon Park is an Issue of Systemic Racism | Op-Ed

The gentrification of one of Toronto's longest-standing working-class neighbourhoods threatens to worsen existing inequalities of socioeconomic and racial divides.

School Dress Codes Focused on Uniformity and ‘Modesty’ Contribute to the Hyper-Sexualization of Girls and Women | Op-Ed

In wake of the protests taking place in high schools across Quebec to highlight how sexist uniform policies target women and girls, schools need to reconsider the reasoning behind their dress code policies. Does imposing meticulous dress code rules on girls and women really help further administrators’ academic goals for students in 2020?

The University of Toronto is Harming its Students through Institutional Neglect and Psychological Violence | Op-Ed

The following article features numerous student testimonies who have experienced institutional neglect and structural violence at the University of Toronto.

The #EndSARS Movement And Police Brutality In Nigeria | Explained

Nigeria's patience for the overzealous SARS police unit has reached a breaking point as thousands have taken to the streets in protest. Yet peaceful demonstrations have been met by police violence and murder as Nigeria is launched into civil unrest.