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Basic Income: What We Give Up

Universal Basic Income has had its virtues shouted and its flaws amplified - to understand it, we must understand its place within a complex economic system with a tendency to focus on flawed research. How should we understand it within the Canadian context?

Abolish Privately-Funded Politics to Prevent Another WE Scandal | Op-Ed

Here's why political parties in Canada need to abolish privately-funded politics and return to a publicly-funded democracy in order to prevent another WE Scandal.

Re-Imagine A More Equitable Canada Student Service Grant Program | Join The Campaign

The now suspended Canada Student Service Grant promised $912 million to connect young people to volunteer opportunities in their local communities.

In this campaign, we present 5 guiding principles which the government should adhere to in re-launching the CSSG to be more equitable and youth-directed. Add your name to our call to action.

The Grass Is Always Greener: Looking Beyond Elizabeth May | Op-Ed

The race to replace Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has exposed ideological infighting among Canada's green movement which threatens the potential growth of the party.

How Youth Can Infiltrate & Influence Systems of Power | In Conversation With Alfred Burgesson

The youth of today are barreling towards an uncertain future, yet often struggle to be heard. We speak to social activist Alfred Burgesson about how young voices can influence the systems of power.